Transforming Church® Network


The Transforming Church network is an affiliation of churches and church leaders committed to becoming communities of spiritual transformation that discern and do the will of God. (Romans 12:2) Spiritual transformation is the process of Christ being formed in us—for the glory of God, for the abundance of our own lives, and for the sake of others. 

The promise that human beings can be transformed into the image of Christ is central to the message of the Gospel and therefore central to the mission of the Church…and yet people are not routinely experiencing transformation in and through their churches.  In fact, they often seek it elsewhere.  The Transforming Church network exists to reclaim this central purpose of the Church.

What is a Transforming Church?

A transforming church is a Christian congregation or ministry committed to personal and corporate spiritual transformation so the community can discern and do the will of God together.  A transforming church is led by leaders who understand that becoming a transforming community is not primarily about programs; it is, first of all, a culture shift that emanates from the leadership center, making it possible for the entire community to develop strategic alignment and focus.  Click here for more on "What is a Transforming Church?".

Why a Transforming Church network?

Transforming Church Network Founding member: "We gather together as companions on the way. But ultimately, we gather to rekindle the fires of transformation that quickly simmer to a dull flicker during busy ministry seasons. Central to the Transforming Church Network gathering is the experience of sacred rhythms that promote a sense of interior shalom."

- Biz Gainey, Pillar Community Church

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There are reasons why people are not experiencing spiritual transformation in and through their churches. For one thing, many pastors and ministry leaders are not experiencing deeper levels of personal transformation themselves.  That's why the Transforming Center has spent the first fifteen years developing and providing the Transforming Community® experience

We have discovered that leaders who are experiencing personal transformation often feel unprepared to lead a process of corporate transformation in their communities.  The Transforming Church network provides relationships and resources that equip transforming leaders to effectively guide their churches and/or ministries in becoming a transforming church.  By joining this network you will band together with other leaders on the adventure of leading a Transforming Church

If you are looking for a Transforming Church, the network provides a way of finding a Transforming Church in your area.  Our hope is that the network will grow in such a way that Transforming Churches become available in more and more regions of the USA.