To Become a Member of the Transforming Church Network

Transforming Church Network Founding member: "We gather together as companions on the way. But ultimately, we gather to rekindle the fires of transformation that quickly simmer to a dull flicker during busy ministry seasons. Central to the Transforming Church Network gathering is the experience of sacred rhythms that promote a sense of interior shalom."

- Biz Gainey, Pillar Community Church

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Leaders of churches typically enter into the process of becoming part of the network by completing a Transforming Community (or equivalent) in which they develop shared Biblical definition, shared understanding, and shared experience around spiritual transformation, how it happens in the life of an individual, and how it can become a unifying vision in the life of their church.  (For more information, see "What is a Transforming Church?") They now have a desire to participate in an ongoing community with other leaders who are seeking to lead Transforming Churches--sharing best practices, learning from one another's mistakes, benefitting from additional teaching and resources and being accountable for their own ongoing process of leadership transformation.

Thus, the Transforming Church Network exists to provide relationships and resources for leaders seeking to guide their churches in the process of becoming transforming communities that discern and do the will of God.

Senior pastor(s) and/or key church leaders are invited to:

  1. Complete (or be in the process of completing) a Transforming Community™
  2. Affirm that spiritual transformation is central to the message of the Gospel and therefore central to the mission of the Church and are willing to order their life together around this value
  3. Ascribe to the definition of Transforming Church as set forth in the "What is a Transforming Church?" document and on our website
  4. Commit to the journey of becoming a Transforming Church through ongoing participation in programs and other offerings that support and catalyze the process (Pursuing God’s Will Together Discernment Summit for Leaders, Leading a Transforming Church program, Transforming Community alumni retreats, network gatherings, etc.)
  5. Establish and commit to an intentional, ongoing, and mutually influencing relationship with the Transforming Center and other churches in the Transforming Church Network. This relationship will be formalized by entering into a covenant together.
  6. Consider including the Transforming Center and its ongoing work in their ministry budget as the church’s leadership sees fit through prayer and discernment
  7. Be in a posture of openness and eagerness to discern God’s leading regarding what membership in the Transforming Church network might mean practically-speaking
  8. Assist in developing the network in ways that are mutually supportive and beneficial

Churches whose leaders are committed to these guidelines will be authorized to use/display the Transforming Church™ Network logo to identify and describe themselves as a member of the Transforming Church Network. The Transforming Center's desire is that churches in the network would link to the Transforming Center on their website and in other publicity materials and that the Transforming Center would list and link to such churches on its website.


If you are a senior pastor/senior leader in your congregation and want to explore next steps, please fill out our discernment form.