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"It all started a couple years ago on a beach in Florida when I was reading a book called Strengthening the Soul or your Leadership. It resonated so deeply that I immediately shared it with some of our key leaders, only to find out that a number of them had already read it. Soon we were taking the whole staff through it! Not long after that, two of our staff had joined a Transforming Community®, and now my wife and I have joined as well, along with 2 of our lay elders. To say that it's had an impact would be an understatement…we are seeing impact ripple out from our leadership core into the entire congregation effecting, at a cellular level, the spiritual DNA of our church.

Ruth's teaching is making accessible things in the spiritual life that we have long desired to bring to our people, but beyond preaching and teaching, we've not known how. Well, now we do! And speaking on behalf of our entire leadership team we'd like to say we're grateful."
—David Johnson, Senior Pastor, Church of the Open Door

"The Transforming Community retreats are just what I was looking for—carefully crafted retreats that integrate spiritual disciplines, community, and leadership. If you are a leader who is hungry for God and searching for integration between your spirituality and your leadership, this experience is made-to-order.”

—Barney Ford, Vice President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


"Thank you for providing such a wonderful ministry to those who serve in the body of Christ in pastoral roles.  You are truly doing things...and saying things...that I hear from no other place in the evangelical community." 
—Mark Werner, Pastor, Meadowbrook Church, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"My involvement in the Transforming Community has been a humbling and joyful journey.  I have discovered a rhythm of disciplines and regular practices that will sustain my soul for the long-haul of ministry." 
—Gregg DeMey, Teaching Pastor, Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, Elmhurst, Illinois

"Ministry had taken a toll on me, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I was contemplating leaving ministry.  God brought the Transforming Community into my life at just the right moment.  I am not sure if I would still be in ministry today, if I had not experienced God’s transforming power in my heart and soul!"

"The small group component was important because I was able to know and be known at a much deeper level." 
—Senior Pastor, Baptist Church

"After attending the Transforming Community, I have more confidence in God’s presence in my journey and in my ministry role.  During the two years, I became aware of a spiritual tiredness within me.  Through the Community, I have been revived in strength and supported by God and others on my journey.   I’m spiritually healthier.  I’m more authentic with God and others.  I am experiencing God’s peace more through fixed-hour prayers and my breath prayer.  I’m reading Scripture slower and really soaking it in.  I’m now enjoying a real community of friends in fresh new ways.  And I’m resting more!  All the retreats were excellent and brought clarity and healing."
—Worship Pastor, Alabama

"In many ways, I feel that this whole experience was just a beginning for me as I continue to walk out the things we learned and practiced together. I've told many that I don't know how you all pull off all you do in the short time that we are together. We experienced unbelievable teaching, wonderful meal times, deep times of prayer and communion with God and together, rich small groups, times of silence and solitude, and plenty of time for rest! Obviously, you are being led by the Holy Spirit, and he multiplies and orders the steps of our time through you during those two days of retreat."

Kendon Wheeler, President of New Life Advance International

"Entering a Master's degree program in Spiritual Formation at Northern in conjunction with The Transforming Center was a very unexpected journey and one I am so glad God called me to take. The journey I have been on for the past two years has been both life and ministry changing primarily due to the teaching and wisdom of Dr. Ruth Haley Barton. My congregation has told me that I preach and lead from a deeper place in my soul, a place I never knew was there. This amazing journey of the soul [is a] journey I will be on and treasure for the rest of my life."
–Rev. Susan M. Beadle