We believe that pastors change incrementally....over time...with others...in the context of spiritual disciplines that open us to God.

Jesus indicates that it is possible to gain the whole world but lose your own soul. If he were talking to us as Christian leaders today, he might point out that it is possible to gain the whole world of ministry success and lose your own soul in the midst of it all.

Some of us know we are losing bits and pieces of our souls every day in our leadership and we're afraid that at some point we might go over the edge. Others are still hanging in there fairly well, but are not sure how long they will last. Some are experiencing significant external success, but feel empty and disconnected from the intimacy with God that drew them into ministry in the first place. Still others have a sense of God calling them to a deeper level of transformation that will result in a more authentic kind of leadership, but are not sure how to get there.

We care about the soul of your leadership

A Transforming Community® is a group of pastors and Christian leaders who commit themselves to nine quarterly retreats over a two-year time frame for the purpose of experiencing deeper levels of spiritual transformation. Joining a Transforming Community® is significant investment of time and resources. It is a life-long investment can make towards the long-term sustainability of your life in leadership.

Are you ready to become more intentional about strengthening your soul?

Our How is it with Your Soul? Leadership Assessment is a great way to assess the state of your life in leadership. We are offering it to you here, free of charge, as a first step in helping you assess whether the Transforming Community might help you in your spiritual journey.