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What Others Are Saying about Teaching and Conference Speaking

"Thank you does not fully express our appreciation. The evaluations that we have read all express a deep sense of gratitude for the balance of teaching, worship, and rest that was offered. Many expressed that it was one of the most valuable events we have offered. You offered food and water for the hungry and thirsty souls of many. You also helped to provide a great launch to our now expanded emphasis on the spiritual health of pastors, leaders, and the churches they serve. "
—David Hicks, Director of Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care, Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church

"Ruth has been a spiritual director for some of us individually, and for all of us collectively through her writings and teachings. For others, she has led us in retreats to hesitatingly peer into the depths of our souls, to hear and accept the invitation to solitude and silence, to discover sacred rhythms and strengthen the souls of our leadership. For others, this is your first encounter with Ruth Barton. You should know that much of what is good about the rhythms of our culture and the glimpses of balance, rest, and spiritual transformation in our staff, elders, and broader leadership is through her influence. Her books have inspired us, challenged us, and called us to more and to less. Her prayers have led us on the road to the cross. Her eReflections writings have proven to be an uncanny Spirit-timed word from God that meet us perfectly in the seasons of the Church calendar, and also perfectly timed for our personal and ministry calendars. She is truly a friend to Mountain in countless seen and unseen ways.

I appreciate Ruth because she is someone who gets the intense demands on our families, lives and souls because she's lived in the fast-growing church, ministry crucible. She's not only a prominent insightful speaker and author who influences the kingdom in significant ways, she's also a normal, authentic, struggling Christ-follower and leader in ministry, a wife finding the balance of marriage and ministry, a mother caring for her children as well as her spiritual family, and now even a grandmother who gets to hold and embrace new life from whom she has poured her life into."
—Rob Kastens, Executive pastor, Mountain Christian Church

"Ruth is a friend, spiritual mentor, and outstanding teacher. Ruth's natural plain-spoken style allows her to provide a lot of substance in a meaningful and accessible way. She talks normally about the deeper life of self-reflection and God-connectedness. She speaks candidly out of her own struggle with learning how to be still before God. As a result, she has both an appropriate confidence and tenderness in teaching others about these foundational spiritual practices." 
—Pieter Van Waarde, Senior Pastor, Woodcrest Chapel

 "Thank you for your participation in our Director Conference. Only God knew how much your insights and encouragement were needed by our directors. Our participants were hungry for the call to silence and solitude. Through you, God is calling clearly to many weary souls – including my own."
—Jinny Bult De Jong, President, Kids Hope USA 

 "Thank you for your gift of time, energy, devotion and love for our sakes. I feel refreshed and determined to find my true self in Christ." 
—Jayne Post, Lead Pastor of Reach, Central Christian Church, Henderson, NV

"This was a pivotal point in the life of our congregation. We have been teaching these truths increasingly over the last few years so our folks were open and ready to receive. Your teaching and spiritual direction led them to deeper levels of understanding and desire. I had so many conversations at church Sunday morning – I was inundated with folks who wanted to get to me. Some couldn't put into words what they really wanted to say, but I knew. With some who had no words we just cried together. I wish I could capture it all so you could know how God is at work, but here are just a few of the comments....."

"I think this was the most important day of my life."

"I didn't know what I didn't know. I'm so worn out with serving and doing all the right things – but starting today my life will look different."

"Thank you for loving me enough to tell me I needed to be here. This has changed me at the core."

"I was so not ready for what happened here today. Caught completely off-guard by God. What's happening in this room and in me is nothing short of amazing."

"I've always known that I was precious and honored but never felt it. But somehow today I can receive it."

"I went to the workshops at the NACC and I didn't fully get it. Wow. Now I get it and can't wait to get more of it." (intellectual, high ranking military officer)

"I'm going to try to explain this to my small group tonight – my husband said he could see it in my face, so if I don't have the right words maybe they'll see it too! I can't wait for us to use the DVD curriculum together."

My personal favorite from an elder's wife – "You need to call the cleaning people because I came undone on the back pew and there is snot everywhere!"

—Kelly Kastens, Worship Arts Director, Mountain Christian Church

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