It was 10 years ago that Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership was published by InterVarsity Press. Last year we launched this podcast by the same name, and this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary InterVarsity released an expanded edition with a group experience and an assessment tool (check it out). Ruth and Steve will focus this podcast season on seeking God in the crucible of ministry. We kick off this episode by defining what the soul means and Ruth describes one of the clearest moments when she realized that she lost touch with her soul. Steve and Ruth discuss a biblical guide to help us pay attention to what is happening in our leadership and to own it. Along the way we discover why crucible is such a great word, and what and why a spiritual director is so important for a spiritual leader.


Mentioned in this episode:

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership (Introduction and Chapters 1&2)
Spiritual Directors
Spiritual Direction and Meditation, Thomas Merton
The intro and outro music is “Kingdom Come” by Aaron Niequist


Strengthen the Soul of Your Team!

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