What is corporate leadership discernment? Ruth kicks off this episode with defining each word and leads us through the movements of corporate leadership discernment. Discover why hikers and sailors value true north over magnetic north and why conviction is much different than understanding. Ruth and Steve answer the question: Do we all need to sing Kumbaya, My Lord? Steve and Ruth discuss some of the things you lose in corporate leadership discernment, and discuss why it is important to look at the culture of your leadership team. Maybe it is time to have a real and honest conversation about your culture. In fact, don’t bother trying to discern together until you have this conversation.


Mentioned in this episode:

Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups (Chapters 4 & 5)
Becoming a Community that Practices Corporate Leadership Discernment (pdf)

A call to leadership that is spiritual – leadership that is rooted in discerning and doing the will of God

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