Phil Jackson has served full time in urban ministry to youth for thirty years. He is currently a church planter and the lead pastor of The House and founder and executive director of The Firehouse Community Art Center.

I have served Christ for thirty years in urban youth ministry in the Lawndale community of Chicago. The need to be “on call” 24/7/365 has been a way of life for me all these years. While I was aware of the need for self-care and spiritual formation, over time this became more like a spiritual triage effort than real restoration and connection to Christ. Hard and grueling ministry was relentless and old practices became rote to the extent that they lost their potency.

As I was finishing up seminary, two friends carried me financially so I could join a Transforming Community. Like the story in Mark 2 where, out of love, the friends of a paraplegic man were so bold they busted a roof open to get him to Christ for healing, my friends knew I NEEDED HEALING.

My two friends carried me to Jesus to be healed. They knew I would obey Jesus’ voice, pick up my mat and walk again. My two-year Transforming Community experience has been healing, my walk with Christ is fresh, and I have discovered a healthier way to live and serve God in the world. My life after the Transforming Community is filled with the same challenges, but I am serving Christ from a stronger place than ever before.

Phil longs to see the next generation of leaders in the Lawndale community experience a Transforming Community now – rather than waiting until they are depleted from being on call 24/7/365.

We have excellent next generation leaders and influencers who have been accepted for Transforming Community 15 and are waiting for God’s provision. Your year-end gift of any size makes it possible for leaders like Phil to join a Transforming Community

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