Note: What is the impact of the Transforming Center in the lives of leaders? The Rev. Jackie Matisse, Rector at St. Patrick’s  Episcopal Church in Lebanon, OH, shares how her relationship with the Transforming Center has impacted her ministry.

At the beginning of my ordained ministry I identified my calling: “to help a community grow deeper spiritually.” For 30 years I’ve done my best, but much has been hit and miss. The Transforming Center has helped me put that desire into a framework. I now have a wealth of resources and practices to help me stay true to this calling.

The Transforming Community® experience and the Leading a Transforming Church program have provided relationships with other spiritually maturing Christian leaders that hold me accountable to intentional practices and call me back to the truth that my own transforming journey in and of itself is a gift to my congregation.

I recently had a member of the congregation return to our leadership team after a few years break. After the first meeting he commented, “this group is different.” And we are! We are more relaxed, more willing to wait on God, and are having more honest, vulnerable conversations. Changing the culture is slow work and good work. I am grateful for how we are growing in our capacity to discern God’s will for us and I am grateful for the growing community at the Transforming Center who hold this hope for us all.

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