Below are five books we can heartily recommend as you practice Lent and create space for God during this important season of the Church year. You can access the lectionary readings here.

Bread and Wine:  Readings for Lent and Easter—Penetrating readings from a variety of spiritual writers offers breadth and depth of insight on the themes of this season.

Small Surrenders:  A Lenten Journey by Emilie Griffin—Short, simple reflections encourage us to move beyond the surface question What are you giving up for Lent? and to embrace small surrenders—“a series of large and small conversions, inner revolutions, that lead to our transformation in Christ.”

The Way of the Heart by Henri NouwenIn his inimitable style, Henri Nouwen teaches us very practical ways to “fashion our own wilderness”—one of the great themes of Lent.

Show Me the Way:  Readings for Each Day of Lent by Henri Nouwen—With simple and utterly human expressions of longing and need, Nouwen helps us in a special way to cry out for God’s mercy as we enter into this holy season.  Especially if you are new to the practice of observing Lent, this is the guide book for you!

Eastertide: Prayers for Lent through Easter by Phyllis TickleWhatever disciplines we do or don’t choose for Lent, at the very least we need a way to pray. Taken from her larger work, The Divine Hours, this small paperback volume provides fixed hour prayers to carry you prayerfully through the season of Lent. Don’t leave home without it!


©Ruth Haley Barton, 2012. This article originally appeared as My Top 5 Resources for Lent in Christianity Today Magazine, February 2009.  Feel free to share this list using the buttons below; please do not reproduce and distribute without permission.


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