One thing I know for sure these days is that many Christians and other spiritual seekers are longing for more in their spiritual lives. They want more than information about God; they want transformation in God’s presence. They want more than externally imposed “oughts” and “shoulds”; they want a way of life that is congruent with their heart’s deepest spiritual desires. They want more than momentary inspiration; they want to experience the spiritual disciplines that open us to God’s transforming presence.

The other thing I know for sure is that many people have given up on having these longings met in their churches so they are seeking this kind of experience elsewhere. This is most unfortunate!  It is why the Transforming Center® has been working in such an intentional way for the last ten years to help churches and Christian organizations become communities of authentic spiritual transformation.

Begin with Leadership Transformation

Our first area of focus has been to help pastors and Christian leaders experience deeper levels of transformation. A community simply cannot become a place of spiritual transformation unless their leaders are being transformed and leading from the reality of transformation in their own lives. Scores of pastors and Christian leaders are experiencing real transformation through our 2-year Transforming Community® and they are bringing different aspects of their experiences to their ministry settings in ways that are deeply impactful.

Lead with Transforming Resources™

Our second area of focus has been equipping and resourcing leaders to guide their churches and organizations to become spiritually transforming communities. For over ten years we have been intent on developing published resources in the area of spiritual formation that you have come to know and trust.

With the launch of the Sacred Rhythms DVD curriculum the Transforming Center is finally ready to articulate and cast vision for an intentional approach to spiritual transformation in churches and Christian organizations. (More information to come.) When used together with the book Sacred Rhythms (InterVarsity Press), this curriculum, published by Zondervan, is a complete package that will:

  1. Provide your congregations with foundational teaching and understanding regarding spiritual transformation within a strong biblical framework
  2. Help you offer practical teaching and guidance regarding the spiritual disciplines from a spiritual director with twenty years of experience guiding individuals and groups in actually practicing the disciplines
  3. Provide a structure and process for small groups who want to learn how to be spiritual companions for one another as they deepen their experience of God’s transforming presence

Sacred Rhythms DVD Curriculum:  Spiritual Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life covers the following six sessions:

• Desire: Longing for More in the Spiritual Life
• Solitude and Silence: Creating Space for God
• Lectio Divina:  Encountering God in Scripture
• Honoring the Body: Flesh and Blood Spirituality
• The Examen:  Bringing My Whole Self to God
• A Rule of Life:  Cultivating Your Own Sacred Rhythms

All sessions can be used in a 50 minute classroom/seminar format, an hour and a half small group meeting, or a longer retreat format.

Let Us Hear from You!

Thank you for you encouragement, support and feedback regarding the resources we offer.  We love to hear from our “tribe” through your comments, e-mails and notes. Please continue to let us know what resources serve you best!

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